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CC-Link Conformance Test Regulation

Scope of applicability

  • Applies to the documents and equipment to be prepared by partner makers, as defined in the CLPA Partner Membership Agreement, in addition to test items and classifications, and test reports and issuance of certificate of conformance.
  • As stipulated in Section 7 of the CLPA Partner Membership Agreement, “Member’s Obligation,” the conformance test is intended to evaluate the functioning of communications in relation to a partner maker’s product and verify that the product is able to connect to CC-Link. The conformance test does not provide a guarantee of the quality of the partner maker’s product.
  • As indicated in the CLPA Partner Membership Agreement, a fee is requested for the conformance test.

Documents and equipment to be submitted by partner makers, etc.

Classification Submitted item Details Remarks
Document-related Conformance test request Original of the filled in request form (Stamped with red seal) Separate sheet
Product evaluation test results and composition of evaluation items
  • Results for each conformance test item.
  • Details of composition of tests (Noise tests, software tests).
  • Operating manuals for the products tested when tests were performed.
Programmer format used in tests
  • Sequencing program
Please submit the sequencing program on an FD or CD
Instruction manual format
  • Operating manual for product
  • Trouble-shooting
Main communication processing-related manual
Recommended product test fee (per model) Product
  • Two units
Devices, etc. that connect to product
Devices, etc. that connect to product
  • Complete set (Input and output devices, etc. equipment necessary for connection and testing)
Not necessary if unrelated to communications (To be discussed separately)

*1):If any items among the test items conducted by the partner maker could not be tested in relation to specific facilities, equipment, etc., the matter will be discussed separately..

Conformance test specifications

Test methods and standards for judgment are indicated in separate documents. When conducting a conformance test, make a request to the CC-Link Partner Association. Reference material can be found here.

Conformance test results and Certificate of Conformance

  • Conformance test results will be sent to the partner maker as a Conformance Test Report.
  • When points for improvement are indicated in the conformance test results, details will be provided in the report. Agreement will be reached concerning points for improvement in separate discussions with the partner maker.
  • A Certificate of Conformance will be sent for products that successfully qualified in all of the conformance test items.


If any future changes are made with regard to printed substrates, attached components, etc. in relation to products that have passed the conformance test, the partner maker is to contact CC-Link, and test details will be decided in discussion with the partner maker.

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