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Conformance Test

All of the CC-Link certified products sold by partner-manufacturers have passed conformance tests to ensure compatibility.

About Conformance Test

By conducting the conformance test, you can ...

  • ensure the communication reliability of your product
  • easily design system configuration where products of different manufacturers and models are connected.

Test example

*The conformance test is to ensure that the product meets the common specification of CC-Link.
The conformance test is not intended to ensure the performance and quality of the product itself.

Conformance Testing Process

  1. Read the regulations for the conformance test.

  2. Request CLPA for the test specification that applies to the developed product.

  3. Perform the test in-house as specified in the test specification.

  4. Apply for the conformance test, using the prescribed request form.

  5. A test date is informed by CLPA.

  6. Send CLPA the product and a copy of the in-house test report by the date scheduled for the start of the test.

  7. Test starts.

  8. A test result is reported.

  9. A certificate of conformance and a test report are sent to the applicant.

Conformance Test Fee

About CC-Link IE TSN Conformance test fee, please ask your local CLPA office.

(price excluding tax)

  Registered member Regular member Executive member Board member
Annual dues JPY
Initiation fee JPY
Acquisition of technical specifications Provided for free upon membership registration
License to use SLMP technology Included
License to use CC-Link technology Other than SLMP *2 Included
Conformance test fee (per device) Master, local and intelligent device stations for CC-Link and normal station of CC-Link IE Control JPY
Included in the annual membership fee
Master and local stations, intelligent device stations of CC-Link IE Field
Safety PLC, safety remote device, safety remote I/O of CC-Link IE Safety
CC-Link remote device and I/O stations, cables and miscellaneous products JPY JPY
CC-Link/LT master and slave stations, cables and miscellaneous products 200,000 100,000
Approved software products JPY JPY
CC-Link IE Field Basic *1 50,000 20,000
SLMP connectable products
Recommended product test fees (per device) Recommended network wiring parts for CC-Link IE TSN, CC-Link IE Control and CC-Link IE Field JPY
Use of CC-Link logo Included
Technical support Included
Including products in the on-line and paper product catalogues (no charge) Included
Promotion at fairs Included
Information about events Included
Posting of corporate name on CLPA web site

*1 Download the test tools and conduct a self-test.
*2 Seamless Message Protocol

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